25 Pieces of Art & Sustainability

Thanks to a bit of color there, a new claim here and our new website, we no longer look like 25, but much younger and fresher. At least that’s what our customers tell us and what we think. But that’s not enough for us – we want more. We want to make MORE from the subject of “25 years of denkstatt”. That’s why we´r not only planning to host a party and that’s it. No, we’re working on an entire event series just for you. At “25 Pieces of Art & Sustainability”, everything revolves around uniting art and culture with sustainability or letting sustainability issues shine in a new light and context. Our events are aimed at our partners and customers, as well as those who are interested. They take place in 5 countries and cover 25 different topics. Each event creates a kind of piece that we either design together with you or accompanied by an artist. How and what exactly happens there and how these art pieces will look like, we do not know yet. But we are sure that we will not run out of ideas and surprises. Kick-off event of “25 Pieces of Art & Sustainability” was our summer party in 2018 and it will end with our summer party in 2019 and an exhibition of all 25 pieces. Enclosed you will find the latest information and announcements about the upcoming events. And in case you like something or you find it exciting, go for it and contact us. Seats are limited.

Those Events already happened

The kick-off event of the new series was combined with the “denkstatt summer party” held at Labstelle Vienna. Evelyn Grill, a popular Viennese textile artist decorated the whole location in- and outdoors with her beautiful and extraordinary work. Click here for more pics.
On the 4th and 5th of June 2018, denkstatt Romania and the city of Arad organized the “Arad Energy Day 2018 – 7th Edition”. The event took place at the Art Academy “Sabin Drăgoi” and consisted of two parts: the information workshop on the topic of energy and the art competition. Click here for more info.

On Wednesday, 12th September, we invite you to a pleasurable exchange of ideas and suggestions for new environmental and sustainability activities. From 14:00 – 17:00 clock we´ll open our garden @ denkstatt Vienna for you.
We´ll host different stations on different topics, which you can visit as you wish.
If it rains, storms or snows, you need not to worry, we have an indoor alternative planned for you.
As the number of participants is limited, contact us immediately if interested.
We wish you a wonderful summer and keep our fingers crossed that the sun will shine on the 12th of September!
Finance Club “Sustainability Toolbox for financial Services”
The denkstatt-Event “Finance Club” is taking place on October 5th at the “magdas Hotel” in Vienna set as a breakfast for experts. Main Topic will be: The Sustainability Toolbox for financial Services”. Our Goal is to inform you about Tools and methodologies currently being present on the market. Expressions like Carbon Footprint, Total Impact Assessment, SDGs and so on are going to be discussed. There will be time and space for discussions and coffee.
Where: magdas Hotel, Laufbergergasse 12, 1020, Vienna
With a lot of enthusiasm our 10 years of successful projects have been completed.
10 years in which we managed to create and lead the change to a sustainable society.
Colleagues and clients from automotive, city halls, universities etc., honored us with their presence and had the opportunity to meet the full denkstatt team, including colleagues from the Bucharest office at the restaurant “Enoteca Amphora” in Timisoara.
Our clients had the opportunity to get their own portraits made by the great cartoonist Stefan Popa Popa’s and to go home with an unforgettable memory!
“Welcome to Sodom” – a documentary about electronic waste ending up in Africa. denkstatt invited clients and partners to an exclusive preview of the awarded documentary done by austrian moviemakers. Producer and Director were happy to answer questions by the moved audience and gave an insight about our western way of disposing electronic waste. A movie theater in the viennese city centre was booked on December 11th, 2018 – over 60 visitors including a camera team of austrian TV channel ORF enjoyed the impressive pictures.
On January 23rd  2019, nearly a dozen participants met at the DD JOGA STUDIO in Bratislava, Slovakia to celebrate  the 25th anniversary of denkstatt with an intense yoga-lecture led by Janka Dúžiková. Representatives of companies from various fields such as energy, technology and IT gathered under the motto of the event: “Take time for your self and cooperation and change the view on the principles of sustainability in both, professional and personal life. Have a look at some of the pictures from the event:

Water supply and industries in Austria:

Drought or floodings – water is affecting society and industries not only in developing countries but also in Austria and CEE countries. On february 13th denkstatt hosted a round table discussion dealing with the topic “the value of water” in Viennas “Motto am Fluss”. Our experts met representatives from retail and public services and discussed scientific papers as well as common business issues concerning water supply and scarcity. Our guests were happy to have room to share their experience as well as receive inputs from denkstatt on how to deal with this environmental topic.

Are we chained to our office chairs?

denkstatt Bulgaria hosted an event for clients and partners dedicated to the beauty of natural human movement. The human body is one of the greatest pieces of art created by nature, but daily life leads to stiffness of the body, even pain, and difficulties in mobility. We often become “hostages” of our bodies due to prolonged sitting in office chairs and less opportunities for physical activities during the day. During our event, we showed our guests different ways of controlling their body, as well as demonstrated the feeling of freedom in motion and explained ways in which they can maintain a strong presence of energy in their everyday lives. This training in mobility was complimentary to our partners, aimed at providing knowledge & practices for purposeful movement that facilitate improvement of each persons’ physical well-being.

Business talks about: Circular Economy

denkstatt Bulgaria recently organized a discussion on the topic “Business talks about … the Circular Economy. This important and hot topic attracted more than 40 business and media representatives. Industry organizations, branch associations, and companies discussed the expectations, challenges and opportunities facing businesses stemming from the circular economy agenda.

One of the main topics discussed was related to bridging the skills gap when it comes to circular economy implementation. Experts from denkstatt’s team presented the EU Circular Economy package and related requirements, as well as the latest news from Brussels to do with packaging and plastics. Another focus of the event was the concept of industrial symbiosis and opportunities for implementation in Bulgaria.

The event took place in the inspiring atmosphere of an interesting place – a specially created cozy hall for business events decorated with paintings of famous Bulgarian artists. The artworks on display in the collection have been purchased over the years from auctions supporting charity causes.

denkstatt organized this event in partnership with the Bulgarian Industrial Association – the biggest business organisation in the country.

Business Breakfast in Bratislava

On April 25th 2019 denkstatt Slovakia organized a Business breakfast on Sustainability in Food and Beverage industry. Representatives of production companies, retail and trade promoting organization gained overview on current global trends and challenges for the sector and joined an enthusiastic discussion with the denkstatt team. Topics such as adaptation strategies to climate change, shifts in consumer behaviour, packaging and food waste were discussed in detail for the Slovak market.

Breakfast with Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

Vienna hosted the pioneer of sustainable business actions, biologist, author and Club of Rome member Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and we had breakfast with him. Topics like climate change, world industries, politics and capitalism were discussed in an exklusive round table. Participants wer able to lay down their challenges and got great feedback from an intellectual giant like Weizsäcker.

We need unconventional decisions to solve todays problem, that is why we chose a rather unconventional location for our event.

denkstatt recommends having breakfast at “phil” in Vienna.