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Metro launches new white paper: “Sustainability Accounting in Action – Food Service Distribution”

To successfully ensure a sustainable business, companies need to generate financial, social and environmental value. Furthermore they have to be aware of their impact on the financial, social and natural capital to determine and evaluate their potential risks and opportunities.

Due to a significant growth of the Food Service Distribution (FSD) business Metro is facing major changes in their operations which cause new impacts on the society and environment.

Therefore, METRO Cash & Carry sought to answer the following question: “What is the difference in terms of impact (on natural and social capital) deriving from 1,000 € sales growth in FSD compared to 1,000 € additional sales in Cash & Carry store?” By assessing the different business models (Cash & Carry and FSD depot) according to the “Natural Capital Protocol and Social Capital Protocol”, they were able to monetize their environmental and social impacts.

The pilot project demonstrates a benefit of 68 € per 1,000 € sales through the FSD depot model compared to the stationary Cash & Carry model.

We´re happy to announce that denkstatt was part of the project.

METRO white paper

For further information please contact
Willibald Kaltenbrunner
Boyan Rashev

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