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Climate risk assessment using TCFD framework – a denkstatt group webinar

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We are taking our knowledge online and would like to invite you to join our webinar where we will offer practical guidance on implementing the TCFD framework which can help you to tackle climate related risk within your organization.
“This is a moment when the wheat will be separated from the chaff”, says John Goldstein, head of the sustainable finance group at Goldman Sachs. While greenhouse gas emissions have fallen around the world due to reduced economic activity, investors may still want to see companies have a long-term plan beyond any temporary reductions.
And that is exactly where we come in to enable you and your business to better understand how your business model is exposed to climate risks, how these can be analysed and mitigated, but also which opportunities companies can seize in a decarbonized future.

When: 7 May 2020, 10:00am – 10:45am CET
What can you expect:

  • TCFD Basics – Background and key elements of the framework
  • How to integrate climate disclosures into corporate reporting
  • Q&A Session

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About the speakers:
Dipl.-Ing. Jan-Marten Krebs, founder and CEO of sustainable AG in Germany:
He has amplified and long experience in advising companies on CR as well as developing and implementing climate strategies. His daily work includes creating workshop series to identify key sustainability issues as well as developing governance structures and defining targets and KPIs for the achievement of objectives. Especially in the field of climate change, his key areas of work range from dealing with the Paris Agreement and Science Based Targets (SBTi), up to the calculation of carbon footprints.

DI Constantin Saleta, Senior Consultant at denkstatt Austria:
He advises his clients in all sustainability related questions, with a focus on decarbonization and nonfinancial reporting. He has multi-year experience in consulting international clients in implementing climate strategies using SBTi as framework for target setting and TCFD recommendations as guidelines for climate risk assessments. His other focus areas involve nonfinancial reporting in compliance with EU NFRD and its national transpositions as well as GRI and other voluntary reporting frameworks, as well as sustainability impact assessments and sustainability strategies. He is driven by a strong intrinsic motivation to combat the climate crisis as well as a professional and entrepreneurial mindset.

Register for our free webinar – we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with you!
Register here for free!

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