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Austrian project pioneers in industrial energy efficiency

Austrian community catering supplier GOURMET leads the way in energy efficiency with first European industry project certified by the Investor Confidence Project.

The Investor Confidence Project’s innovative Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ certification has been awarded to a waste heat utilisation project at GMS GOURMET GmbH. The project uses waste heat of two fast cooling plants to support the heating demand of three ventilation systems at GOURMET’s production site in Vienna and thereby saves natural gas and electricity.

First certified industry project in Europe

Managing Director Hannes Hasibar emphasizes GOURMET’s leadership when it comes to energy efficiency and innovation: “As a responsible company we treat the earth’s natural resources with care and continuously work on improving efficiency and standards.” GOURMET’s appetite for innovation goes hand in hand with ICP Europe’s new Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREE™) certification for industry which delivers high quality projects and safer returns by standardizing how energy efficiency projects are developed, documented and measured.

The project has predicted annual energy savings of 635 MWh in natural gas and 135 MWh in electricity. As project developer, denkstatt & enertec provided the underlying baselining and energy savings calculations and developed implementation plans for Operational Performance Verification (OPV), Operations, Maintenance & Monitoring (OM&M) and Measurement & Verification (M&V) processes. Working closely with denkstatt & enertec, the project’s quality assurance assessor and technical ICP partner Verco applied the ICP Europe Complex Industry Protocol to certify the project.

Willibald Kaltenbrunner, Managing Partner of Austrian ICP partner denkstatt: “This project’s insights show that the additional benefit of applying ICP usually outweighs any additional effort that is needed. We hope to see more businesses following GOURMET’s pioneering role and are happy to support Austrian project owners and developers working on high-quality industrial energy efficiency projects.“

Responsible Consultant: Mag. (FH) Andreas Lindinger, andreas.lindinger@denkstatt.at, +43 664 8118002

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