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What a challenging area! Not only is the automotive industry one of the biggest sectors with regard to the number of its employees and value added, but also one of the main shapers of our Western societies. The car as a symbol for personal achievement, for power and wealth, and for taste and attitudes has gained enormous presence everywhere.
This seems to be changing dramatically now. We just don’t know the direction yet.
The major shifts we are currently seeing are in technology (e-mobility, hydrogen, fuel cells,.. ) and a strong change of mindsets concerning the necessity of personally owning a car. Shared economy models are thus gaining in importance, and as a second very strong driver public transport is setting a new pace in changing the framework conditions.
All this – combined with further social requirements – will additionally lead to major turbulence throughout the whole supply chain. From restrictions on resource extraction to alterations in the whole car services sector due to new technologies and vehicle requirements, the complete field of car production is subject to change.

What we offer

We diligently observe the changing requirements in the customer field, the developments in the technology sector,  and the political and – as a consequence – legal tendencies. This knowledge is the basis for our support in developing future strategies.


Our Services

Identifies the issues you need to most urgently address and focus your efforts on.
We support our clients in making their operations more sustainable and in creating long-term value. In particular, we try to create sustainability/CSR reports as a management tool that support the development of a solid sustainability program and related actions and to establish a sustainability strategy, specific goals and an action plan as well as measurable key performance indicators. Read more
Sustainable sourcing in terms of availability and risks is an additional must and goes beyond the merely cost-oriented decisions of the past. A multi-criterial approach is necessary, taking into account additional aspects like environmental and social impact, human rights, corruption or critical materials as well as questions of sustainable transport.
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The EU circular economy package as well as activities driven by the US Ellen McArthur Foundation require a specific corporate strategy for circular economy. denkstatt uses long-term experience in stakeholder dialog and national strategy development based on evaluating sorting and recycling systems and the optimisation of packaging recovery systems in terms of costs and environmental effectiveness (cost benefit analysis). Linking waste management and secondary resource users is an additional outcome.

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We offer the integration of management systems for quality, environment and energy, based on the international ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 50001. When integrating these we make sure they are’ practical and goal-oriented. We understand your business and we adjust to it when integrating such a system, instead of the usual practice of adapting the existing processes to the standard. The result is a good basis for integrated sustainable management and achieving results. Read more

Our Stories

  • CO2 abatement strategy with ZF
  • Risk management for BMW Motoren (Steyr, AT)
  • Integrated management system for TCG Unitech (AT)
  • IT solutions for environmental and legal management with our denxpert modules for Audi
  • Environmental management system for voestalpine
  • Due diligence and phase 1 and 2 investigations for Bosch in several countries
  • Waste optimisation strategy for VW in Slovakia
  • Carbon footprint for Neumann Aluminium
  • Energy audit for Georg Fischer
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Our Clients

Audi BMW Bosch

Denso Georg Fischer Neumann Aluminium

Voestalpine VW ZF



Joachim Kircher – Austria Karl Resel – Austria

Attila Jenei – Hungary Gabriela Fistis – Romania

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