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denkstatt Art Event

On June 4-5, 2018, denkstatt Romania together with the City Hall of Arad organized in the framework of the “European Sustainable Energy Week”, “Arad Energy Day 2018 – 7th Edition”.

The event took place at the “Sabin Drăgoi” College of Arts in the city of Arad and contained two major components: an information workshop and the organization of a plastic art contest on the efficient use of energy.

The event started on 4 June with a fine art contest (painting, drawing, graphics, layout, sculpture) on Energy Efficient Use – We guide the transition to clean energy. The contestant enrolled 37 students of the “Sabin Drăgoi” College of Arts, who were able to express through art how they see the concept of efficient energy use. Each competitor presented his work to the jury consisting of two representatives of the Arad City Hall, two representatives of the “Sabin Drăgoi” College of Arts, Arad and a denkstatt Romania representative, a jury who had the difficult task of marking each job by the following criteria: fitting into the theme of the event, creativity and innovation.

The day of June 5, 2018 started with a workshop to inform pupils and teachers about energy efficiency in public institutions took place during this day and explained how they can help reduce energy consumption (electricity, heating, fuel). The workshop was attended by students and teachers of the “Sabin Drăgoi” College of Arts, representatives of the Arad City Hall, moderated by Adina Nenicioiu, and the presentation “The great challenges of energy and the efficient use of energy in educational institutions and at home” was supported by Raluca Văduva, both representations of denkstatt Romania.

The winners of the art contest were also awarded at this event. The winning works were: Green Conquest (Prize I), ECOFRIENDLY (Prize II), Ecological Office Building (III Prize), as well as two mentions, Nature defeats and Art in energy. The winners were rewarded with smartwatch, external solar batteries, memory sticks, solar charger,school bags, reusable water tanks, linear signs with energy consciousness messages and efficient use of transport. A group of 15 students was selected who, together with college teachers, city hall representatives and denkstatt Romania, made a tour of the educational institution and tried to identify the energy consumers within the school they were learning, as well as find solutions to minimize energy consumption especially electrical and thermal. Their ideas were presented and discussed during an open discussion session.

We hope that the produced works will have a positive impact on mass awareness, and the information they get at this event will motivate them to be the environmental protection promoters in the idea of influencing the adults around them towards behavioral Change.

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