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denkstatt & the new Austrian Ecolabel for textile management services

2014 denkstatt and the „Association for Consumers Information“ (VKI) developed and published quality guidelines for the Austrian Ecolabel for textile management service (UZ 70). By the end of 2015, the first two SALESIANER MIETTEX subsidiaries – Vienna 1140 and Grödig (near Salzburg) – were awarded with the new label. Now Salesianer Miettex is the first company carrying the new environmental certificate for textile management. The required experts´ inspection reports were developed by denkstatt.

Companies, which want to carry the new Austrian Ecolabel for textile management have to pass a demanding and multi-level procedure to prove their ability to fulfil the guidelines’ criteria. In a first step denkstatt experts develop an inspection report according to the latest available data and information from the company. Subsequently, this report has to be reviewed by the VKI. In case of a positive statement, the VKI advises the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management to submit the Ecolabel.

The inspection procedure is mainly focusing on health, environmental protection, sustainability and product & service quality. Only companies with high performance in terms of energy and water consumption as well as the usage of chemicals will receive this very strict Austrian Ecolabel. Additionally they have to achieve 10 points within a rating system covering logistic structures, certified textiles and chemical leasing. This implies that the applicants i.e. have to use mainly low-emission textiles and ensure that their transport system is highly optimised with regard to logistic intelligence, fuel usage and emissions.

The Austrian Ecolabel for textile management can be assigned for the whole company as well as for particular subsidiaries of the company.

For further details, please contact:
Henriette Gupfinger, denkstatt GmbH

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