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denkstatt Summerfestival 2018

denkstatt unites art, culture and sustainability in an unique event series.

25 years of environmental and sustainability consulting. 25 years, 5 countries, 7 offices, 100 employees and a huge diversity of projects and clients. “We drive the change to a sustainable society” that is what denkstatt stands for.

To celebrate the last 25 years, denkstatt announced its project “25 Pieces of Art and Sustainability” an unique event series for customers, partners and experts.

“It’s not only about connection people and hosting discussions, it is also about putting sustainability issues in a different context. This is why we plan to have each event accompanied by an artist, or at least dare to mention the topics of energy and philosophy in the same breath,” says Christian Plas, managing director of denkstatt.

The kick-off event of the new series was combined with the “denkstatt summer party” held at Labstelle Vienna. Evelyn Grill (www.evelyn-grill.at), a popular Viennese textile artist decorated the whole location in- and outdoors with her beautiful and extraordinary work.

“25 Pieces of Art and Sustainability” is going to last for a year. The closing event will take place in summer 2019. “I cannot tell you exactly what to expect, but we got lots of surprises waiting for you, so stay tuned!” (Ch. Plas at his welcoming speech)

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