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Digitalisation is more than just technology – how to apply digitalised processes in the EHS sector

Due to restrictions related with COVID 19, digitalisation in the Environmental, Health and Safety sector has gained even more importance.

In our webinar, our IT and EHS experts are going to highlight in which fields digitalisation is most useful, how digitalised processes can be created more effective and how your business can benefit from it. You will learn about possible challenges as well as recommendations based on best practice experiences with remote audits.

Join our free webinar and find out how your company can take advantage of the benefits of a future without restrictions.

Where: online – from our home office to yours
When: 30 June, 10:00am – 10:45am CET

What can you expect:

  • What is digitalisation in EHS?
  • Tools to support you
  • Success factors for remote audits

About the speakers:
Bernard Kasper, senior consultant and Head of Environmental Management & Legal Compliance at denkstatt Austria
Bernhard Kasper has many years of experience in advising a large number of clients from different industry and service sectors. As a lawyer and a trained management system consultant in the field of corporate environmental protection, he has a particularly good understanding of the practical challenges faced by companies in dealing with environmental and occupational safety compliance as well as digitisation issues.

Róbert Szüs-Winkler, EHS IT Business Unit Leader at denkstatt Hungary
With his masters in IT and environmental engineering, Róbert Szüs-Winkler is able to combine his dedication for the environment and his technical know-how at the same time. As the EHS IT Business Unit Leader at denkstatt Hungary, he is responsible for the development and further technical enhancement of the software “denxpert”, our standard tool for compliance, ISO management as well as incident or chemical management. Furthermore, he is Head of the global Inogen Alliance IT Team, where he helps global companies to deal with digitalisation challenges and supports businesses to offer innovative services within the fields of EHS and Sustainability.

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