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Sustainability reporting is receiving more and more attention these days. The drivers are manifold: changing market and stakeholder requirements lead to an increasing demand for transparency and commitment. CSR activities and related communication strategies are important tools to cope with these requirements. They also fulfil the specific needs of stakeholders. But it is not only about image and transparency. There are several economic reasons which drive companies to include sustainable thinking in their strategy, communication and even business models: Communication of CSR (corporate social responsibility) action reveals the corporate commitment of a company. Crucial importance lies in addressing the right stakeholder group with the right information. Purpose-oriented communication on sustainability helps to improve a firm’s reputation among its customers and investors and can play an important part in increasing employee engagement and reducing staff turnover.

Your benefit

  • Sustainability reports according to international standards (GRI, UN Global Compact, IIRC etc.)
  • Compliance for companies which are legally obliged to report non-financial information
  • Better scores in the client’s supplier sustainability scorecards (B2B)
  • Sustainability facts for reliable consumer communication (B2C)
  • Employer branding
  • Positive signals to investors by improving scores in ESG ratings and sustainability indices



Our Services

A report is not only a piece of paper which is supposed to be ready on day X. It can also be used as a management tool which supports the development of a solid sustainability programme and related actions. We love reports. We love creating the content, we love developing the right indicators and taking a close look at the different trends, and we love creating the stories. And we do not have to tell you that our reports comply with the different international standards (GRI, IIRC, SDG), do we?
Standalone reports, integrated report, CSR reports, sustainability reports – we have done them all. That is why we are great in non-financial reporting. No matter why (for compliance reasons) or what (internal or external communication) you need it for, we are the perfect partner. We help you to define the material issues, create the data to underline your achievements and to communicate everything in a perfect way.
An integrated report contains financial and non-financial information. Our service helps you when it comes to non-financial information. Together with our customers we define a suitable structure for the report and focus on the perfect content. It is about finding the perfect way and structure to combine sustainability issues and all the other relevant content. And we also help you to be compliant. Besides creating the best integrated report ever with you, we can support you with your data management (as the due date for the report is always close) as well as with identifying the most interesting facts for the readers.
Governmental reporting expectations in connection with waste, air or water-related topics can be a huge burden, as they require a continuous effort from the environmental department. Any mistake could generate fines. We like to look at these reports as an opportunity, as they make sure data is collected in a professional way. We are there if automisation is needed via software with our E-Toolbox or if you get lost in all these requirements.
Life is all about communication. Effective and successful communication is rather tricky but it’s definitely worth it. Expertly managed communication activities help you highlight new perspectives and develop solutions that have a wide backing, opening up a host of potential benefits to all participants. Apart from that, sharing is caring: to inform your stakeholders and to include them in your thoughts, needs and planning cannot only increase your performance, it additionally creates trust and allows everybody to play a part in shaping future trends.
How do you engage with your stakeholders? Have you ever thought about who your stakeholders are, who you need to inform and when? Do you know what they expect or want of you? Do you have an idea how can you harness your stakeholders’ knowledge to create added value for everyone with a stake in your business? We offer the support you need in defining who your stakeholders are, implementing a stakeholder management system, including help with defining the right issues and objectives, and designing the process of communication with the relevant constituencies.
If you take sustainability reporting seriously you have to put some data behind your material topics. These indicators help to give sustainability a tangible meaning, set concrete goals, and track progress and change processes. They make it easier to take account of factors besides those measured by conventional financial performance indicators – aspects that are also crucial to your company’s business success and its benefits to society. Setting up the right indicators and measurements isn’t done in a day. Getting there is a process, and a system is essential if the move to sustainable practices is to be more than a one-off effort that soon fizzles out. To make sustainability a permanent part of your company’s operations, you need to systematically address the issues involved. At the heart of this is risk minimisation, and action to tap potential value added along the “triple bottom line”. We can help you by setting up the right process to manage your data by providing you with different software solutions and coordinating relevant departments. Furthermore, we can assist in checking and evaluating your data. Defining the right indicators and setting up a structure to measure them is not the end of the story. Creating an appealing graphic account facilitates your internal and external communication.
Relationships are built on trust. If you create a report and you put lots of efforts into it, you want your readers to be sure that they can trust your content and messages. Validating your report helps to create trust. That´s why we also validate reports or the relevant sustainability information within integrated reports. What do we do? Well, we check all the different messages, see if the indicators are relevant and the numbers are right. In the end we create an assurance statement for the report and a management letter with recommendations for internal optimization. And as we´re talking about trust, we have to tell you that we can only validate reports when we didn´t do consulting work for them. But that´s obvious, isn’t it?
Sustainability management is merely good business management, taking into account additional aspects and risks from the context of the organization, most often related to the environment and society. Developing the ability to do so requires knowing the “sustainability framework” of your business, the topics related to it and their importance for the company and its stakeholders. This enables the creation of an action plan that is integrated in your overall business-processes.

The CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) is an investor-initiated non-governmental organisation based in London and collects climate and environmentally relevant data and information from companies once a year using standardized questionnaires. As an accredited CDP silver partner we are bringing our highly valued expertise to the thousands of companies using CDP to disclose their environmental data, and help them to implement leading actions to manage risks and reduce their impacts. We are happy to support your company in dealing with the CDP programmes Climate Change, Water, Forest and Supply Chain. 

Our Stories

  • MAM Babyartikel GesmbH Sustainability Report 
  • Together with our customers we were selected 15 times within the last three years to win the Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award (ASRA)
  • We developed the sustainability reporting for a food industry company in Romania.
  • Developing the sustainability reporting for a telecommunications company in Romania.
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  • denkstatt Romania helped a wood industry company to define its sustainability indicators.
  • Support in elaboration of the annual Corporate Responsibility Reports 2010 – 2014 in Telenor Bulgaria
  • Annual Corporate Sustainability Reports 2014 & 2015 of Vivacom Bulgaria.
  • First Integrated annual report in Bulgaria in 2016
  • Annual Sustainability Reports of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria
  • Corporate volunteering policy of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria
  • Stakeholder management process of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria
  • Community Investment Strategy – DPM Bulgaria
  • Stakeholder engagement audit (EBRD requirements) – DPM Bulgaria

Our Customers

Alpla AT&S Barry Callebaut BONUS Vorsorgekasse Coca-Cola Hellenic EVN Gasteiner

Globul Heineken Serbia Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe Lenzing MAM Babyartikel Palfinger Pfizer Austria

Salesianer Miettex Steiermärkische Sparkasse Uniqua Verbund Vöslauer Mineralwasser Wienerberger ZKW Group

Globul Vivacom Dundee Precious metals Asarel Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria Billa Bulgaria



Amira Zauchner – Austria 

Judit Juranics – Hungary 

Nevena Davidova – Bulgaria 

Roxana Sunica – Romania 

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