Software solutions for Hazardous materials

The denxpert solution is designed for registering data related to environmental management, compliance of data supply required by the law, and producing reports of those data.

Hazardous materials module

The module is handling safety data sheets (SDS), ADR sentences, printing of labels, SEVESO related tasks, approval flows and stock of hazardous material storages.

Our advantages:

  • Reduced risks related to hazardous materials
  • Legislative compliance can be managed easily
  • Classification according to the CLP/GHS Reg.
  • MSDS’s and labels could be stored and retrieved
  • Time savings due to no data duplication and retrieving problems

How does the Hazardous materials module work?

The software is suited for recording and handling the data of chemical substances. From the material registry Material Safety Data Sheets, chemical labels, work instructions and ADR lists can be created. The module supports the classification of chemicals according to the Reach and CLP/GHS Regulation:

  • Register of chemical agents and mixtures
  • Register of chemical information like
    • Ingredients
    • Physical, health and environmental hazard
    • First aid
    • Handling and storage
    • Transport information
  • Chemical risk assessments
  • SEVESO related assessments
  • Hazardous material transportation (ADR)
  • Permitting workflow for materials used at a given location, technology or activity

Related services

The installation of the software is connected with theoretical and practical training. Continuous support is provided in order to manage the problems which may occur during the use of the software, as well as for satisfying the demands for development.

Our customers

E.ON Holcim

Sanofi-Avensis Chinoin


Bernhard Kasper – Austria      >

Robert Szücs-Winkler – Hungary      

Adina Nenicioiu – Romania

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