Software solutions for Legal compliance

The denxpert software is designed for managing data related to sustainability management and occupational health and safety.

Legal compliance module

denxpert LEGAL is a module of the EHS and sustainabilty software denxpert, developed by denkstatt. The module covers legislation and permit management. denxpert Legal simplifies the maintenance of legal registers and updates. Permits and its obligation can be also easily handled. The software covers all the legal areas of Environment and Health & Safety on federal and regional level, including relevant EU Regulations. denkstatt creates a specific legal register for each client. Legislation and legal obligations are pre-evalutaed according to the needs of the organisation. The software was designed to be applied without time-consuming trainings. It created for non-lawyers, all summaries and obligations are written in a comprehensible way. Therefore, users can perform all relevant legal compliance tasks in a very simple way.

denxpert LEGAL benefits:

  • Reduction of liablity risks: a legal compliance system supports the management to ensure compliance with various legal requirements. A regular evaluation of the legal compliance status is an evidence for corporate due diligence and reduces liability risks.
  • Time-saving solution: the comprehensive denxpert LEGAL service package requries only a minimum of time to monitor and review legal requirements.
  • Practical solution: users do not need to be legal or IT experts. The clear structure and easy to understand legal obligations facilitate the evulation of legal compliance.
  • Comprehensive functionalities: dashboard, legal compliance related task management, email notifications, reviews  and reporting of the current legal compliance status support the users in maintaining their legal compliance system.

How does the Legal compliance module work?

denkstatt determines the current state of the copmany in cooperation with the company. All important site information (types of machinery, materials, processes etc.) will be collected and added to the module. Based on the collected information, denkstatt creates the clients organisational structure and evaluates which laws and legal obligations are applicable for the company denxpert LEGAL also offers  a permit management function to display, manage and review all permits including their obligations, and supports the digitisation of permits currently existing in hardcopy only. denkstatt updates the legal register on a regular basis. Each update contains comprehensive summaries about the changes and a pre-evaluation of the content on legislation and obligation level, according to the existing checklist and the knowlegde about the company.

The program offers

  • Implementation of the legal register denxpert LEGAL
  • Legal update service packages
  • All relevant information for the legal register is collected and set up in a client-specific structure
  • Reduction of liability risks due to preparation and evaluation of all relevant legal and permit obligations
  • Easy-to-use permit management due to a clear and comprehensbile structure
  • Users are informed about all legal changes by one compact as well as informative format

Related services

The installation of the software is connected with theoretical and practical training. Continuous support is provided in order to manage the problems which may occur during the use of the software, as well as for satisfying the demands for development.

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