Software solutions for Risk management

The denxpert software is designed for managing data related to sustainability management and occupational health and safety.

Risk assesment module

The risk assessment module of the denxpert software solution provides opportunity for risk evaluation and management of risk factors concerning the companies (areas related to occupational safety, environmental safety, fire safety, etc.). The solution covers the entire risk management cycle: identification, assessment and measurement of risks as well as implementation of corrective actions and assessment of control procedures.

Our advantages:

  • Risk assessment reporting
  • Analyze risks related to a position
  • Workflows for approval and activation of risk
  • Definition of almost any risk assessment method
  • Connection to ERP systems for data collection

How does the Risk assesment module work?

Risks can be readily identified and evaluated by the application of this module. The defined risks can be assigned to positions, individually endangered people, technologies and objects. With the module we provide a freely adjustable framework for risk assessment that can be adapted completely to the individual requirements of the clients. The software helps in preparing uniform structure for the assessment of different areas of the company. With evaluating the risks through standardized work procedures significant amount of time and effort can be saved. With function rights the module can easily manage the risk evaluation process from compiling the list of potentialhazard sources to entering into force completed assessment. E-mail alerts can be set according to specific needs e.g.: notify the responsible person of risk reducing action when the assessment enters into force.

The program offers

  • Collection and comprehensive evaluation of all types of risks a company is facing (health and safety, environmental, financial, reputation)
  • Specify and monitor the necessary risk reducing actions with scopes, deadlines, responsible people
  • Data extraction by fast query techniques/methods
  • Preparation of risk assessment reports in textual and printed form
  • Verification and evaluation processes
  • Chemical risk assessment (exposure calculation) with connection to the Hazardous material module
  • Generation of legal compliant documentation, completed with a risk reducing action plan
  • Recognize the weak points (high risk areas, upcoming deadlines etc.) of the company with flexible query methods

Related services

The installation of the software is connected with theoretical and practical training. Continuous support is provided in order to manage the problems which may occur during the use of the software, as well as for satisfying the demands for development.

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