Software solutions for Safety incident management

The denxpert software is designed for managing data related to sustainability management and occupational health and safety.

Safety incident management module

With the Safety module of the denxpert software you and your company can:

  • Register work accidents
  • Prepare documents in a legally compliant format for reporting work accidents
  • Create statistics and statements just by a few clicks
  • Receive quick reports

How does the Safety module work?

The Safety module of denxpert is designed to register work accidents and to prepare legally compliant document for reporting work accidents. Owing to the simple data entry the document can be filled out quickly. From recorded data statistics and statement can be produced, which are instantly ready to be exported into an excel file. The Safety module is also suitable for collecting information (number of accidents, employees, working hours) from partners, subcontractors, who work for the company. The software helps you to keep your documents up-to-date in the system, so that in case of need you can access just by a few clicks the data which are to be submitted. This way it enables a transparent and clear systematization. The data of employees, machines and equipment can be filtered out instantly. The program also includes the code tables required completing the record, making it easy to fill out the new type of record.  Design of web interface is also possible by request.

Related services

The installation of the software is connected with theoretical and practical training. Continuous support is provided in order to manage the problems which may occur during the use of the software, as well as for satisfying the demands for development.

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