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How to do a non-financial report and what are the benefits of it? – a training organized by denkstatt Bulgaria.

The training took place on February 15th and 28th.

What information did we share?

  • What non-financial reports should contain;
  • What are the stages of writing this kind of report?
  • How you should organize your work and the data collection process;
  • How you can use non-financial reporting in favor of effective management of the company’s reputation.

In 2018 a large number of companies must publish for the first time a new type of official report that contains information about the company’s non-financial results and goals. This includes providing information on topics such as the environment, employees, stakeholders, human rights, corruption.

At the moment, writing such a report is simply seen as a requirement and probably not yet recognized as an asset for companies. At the same time, the change in law is an excellent opportunity for reputation management: the collection and presentation of non-financial information allows managers to rethink and present important aspects of the company’s policies, processes, results and risks that have a significant effect on its presence on the market. It allows to ask questions of present interest, to find new opportunities and to rethink goals. The new requirement for non-financial reporting enables companies to take the path to sustainable business development, demonstrate leadership, demonstrate that they are truly responsible and that they do their business well and successfully.

The report is a challenge for any company which has not yet been faced with the preparation of such kind of reports. denkstatt is the first company and, in fact, the only one in Bulgaria that has been involved in the development of all (except one) non-financial reports (so-called Sustainability Reports) and has been doing so since 2010. The companies we have worked with are Globul, today we are continuing with Telenor, Coca-Cola HBC, VIVACOM and BILLA and they are all verified by the Global Reporting Initiative. In our work, we apply the most up-to-date international standards and experience of the offices in our group in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

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