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Energy is one of THE issues of the 21st century. We have entered the era of decarbonisation and everyone is struggling to find feasible solutions for providing safe supply to meet our societies’ increasing needs. On the one hand enormous gains in efficiency are being made with the introduction of new technologies (LED, heat pumps, building insulation, …), but on the other hand additional services requiring energy are being introduced in a broad range of application (elevators, e-bikes, building automation, …) cancelling out most of the benefits.
Paradoxically, energy is the only asset we have in abundance on earth – permanently delivered by the sun in excess for all our uses. But mankind is not yet able to economically use solar-generated (renewable) energy under the present conditions of our economic system.
Probably the crucial challenge at the moment is therefore to provide security of supply with renewable energies wherever we need it.

What we offer

  • Development of new business models for the era beyond selling energy by amounts
  • Analysis of energy systems (industrial production, buildings, regional)
  • Energy management (monitoring & controlling, management systems)
  • Technical optimisation (industrial processes, heating, cooling)
  • Energy engineering

Our Services

Analysis of energy Systems (industrial production, buildings, regional,..)

Development of Energy strategies – covering future supply requirements

Concept, planning, and detailed engineering of thermodynamic Problems

Technical optimisation (industrial processes, heating, cooling)

Our Stories

  • Coaching sustainability management for several years including data collection and data management, development of the respective sustainability programme as well as concepts and creating a sustainability report
  • Critical review of the strategic investment plan for an Austrian energy utility. Having received the review, the company’s board decided not to realise the environmentally unsound projects.
  • Concept and preparation of an energy efficiency strategy for a mid-sized energy utility. The project included the development of a software tool to calculate different scenarios for varying assumptions concerning the technical measures implemented.
  • ESIA (environmental and social site assessment) for the realisation of a large hydropower station in Eastern Europe, including the calculation of carbon benefits.
  • Implementation of an EMS (according to ISO 14001) in several energy utilities with all kinds of power generation.
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Our Clients

Wien Energie GmbH
Verbund AG

Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG

Energie Steiermark
Elmü, Budapest


Christian Plas – Austria

Christian Schützenhofer –
denkstatt & enertec GmbH

Henrieta Borca – Romania

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