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Financial Services

For the Financial Services Industry sustainability has become a key strategic imperative. Facing megatrends such as a changing climate, finite natural resources, increasing urbanization, a ballooning and migrating population, cybercrime epidemics, advances in robotics and AI, shifts in labor markets, the business models of financial institutions are challenged. Therefore, new regulatory and governance regimes have taken place, as well as new market opportunities. A systematically evaluation of environmental and social risks can strengthen Financial Institutions’ portfolio of lending and investment activities.
Identifying opportunities for innovative product development in new areas related to sustainability e.g. renewable energy, energy efficiency, cleaner production processes and technologies, carbon finance, sustainable supply chains are the drivers for financial institutions to differentiate themselves from competitors, improve their reputation among key customers and stakeholders, attract new capital.
Managing environmental and social opportunities and risks together, financial institutions will increase transparency and create long-term value for their business.

What we offer

  • Development of new business models serving sustainability opportunities
  • Environmental and social risk assessments
  • Development of innovative sustainable services and products
  • State of the art sustainability reporting and communication

Our Services

Portfolios consist of a variety of investments – some are more favorable for sustainable development (e.g. renewable energy) others are in conflict with sustainability (e.g. gambling, nuclear power, coal industry). Starting from an AS-IS status of the current investment portfolio, denkstatt shows a clear road map how to proceed.

denkstatt develops investment strategies for making portfolios green and sustainable.
denkstatt creates criteria sustainable portfolios and shows how they can be implemented in the internal processes.

Our Stories

  • Employee benefit Funds: Validation of ESG processes, communication and investment performance as a long-standing member of the respective jury for the Austrian Sustainability certification system
  • Development of a sustainable savings account to support green and regional investments
  • Public owned utility: Defining the sustainability level of a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio with more than 10,000 titles
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Our Clients

Erste Group
Raiffeisen Group



Peter Linzner – Austria

Karl Resel – Austria

Gabriela Fistis – Romania

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