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Food & Beverages

The food and beverage industry is one of the oldest and most successful sectors worldwide. Since the beginning, manufacturers have faced changing technologies, market demands and customer needs. Furthermore, this is a highly competitive sector where you have to stay on top with regard to:

Product development, when it comes to current health and nutrition or compliance issues,
High Quality, food safety and efficiency throughout the production process and supply chain as well as
Flexibility and new business models, when you have to meet changing consumer behaviour and individual customer requirements.

Due to several factors such as an increasing information flow (e.g. digitalization, transparency and traceability), government regulations or self-declarations (e.g. the reduction of certain ingredients or the introduction of taxes) and environmental issues (e.g. packaging issues and energy usage), manufacturers have to constantly develop new solutions, products or even business models. These solutions have to cover different aspects at the same time, which makes it even more interesting and demanding.

What we offer

  • In-depth knowledge for over 15 years
  • High level of understanding for current challenges and trends
  • Holistic solutions to face future market developments
  • Experts in natural and social capital

Our Services

We evaluate the environmental impacts of your products and services, and compare them with those of your competitors. Our service portfolio ranges from calculating your carbon footprint to drawing up an ecological balance sheet. The results reveal the status quo, giving you a solid platform for the strategic development of your products and services. We can also help you communicate your environmental performance by drawing up environmental product declarations, obtaining environmental quality seals and performing sustainability reporting.

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What are the benefits of ecosystem services? How do companies measure and evaluate important aspects of use and recultivation of natural resources which are essential to their activities? How should they compare the value of their economic results with the added benefits they create for local communities? To answer these questions, we use the latest methods for” natural and social capital “accounting – the Natural Capital Protocol & Social Capital Protocol.

Legal compliance is a must for any business. We help your company meet its obligations, while also keeping the resources required to a minimum.

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We support our clients in making their operations more sustainable and in creating long-term value. In particular, we try to create sustainability/CSR reports as a management tool that support the development of a solid sustainability program and related actions and to establish a sustainability strategy, specific goals and an action plan as well as measurable key performance indicators.

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A water footprint is an indicator of the freshwater consumption of a product, service or region. It comprises the water use associated with agricultural products, in the form of precipitation, irrigation and evaporation, as well as wastewater and groundwater pollution. The water footprint is also referred to as “virtual water”.

We offer the integration of management systems for quality, environment and energy, based on the international ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 50001. When integrating these we make sure they are’ practical and goal-oriented. We understand your business and we adjust to it when integrating such a system, instead of the usual practice of adapting the existing processes to the standard. The result is a good basis for integrated sustainable management and achieving results.

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Our Training Portfolio is quite big, so please contact us for further Information.

A report is not only a piece of paper which is supposed to be ready on day X. It can also be used as a management tool which supports the development of a solid sustainability programme and related actions.
We love reports. We love creating the content, we love developing the right indicators and taking a close look at the different trends, and we love creating the stories. And we do not have to tell you that our reports comply with the different international standards (GRI, IIRC, SDG), do we?

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We provide businesses with the support they need to introduce an ISO 50001:2011 energy management system. This includes help with developing processes, carrying out energy audits, implementing the management system, and obtaining certification from an independent certification body. Effective energy management systems are the key to improving your business’s energy performance, cutting consumption and reducing costs.

Our Stories

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Our Clients

The Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

Barry Callebaut

Bergland Milch


Willibald Kaltenbrunner – Austria

Boyan Rashev – Bulgaria

Henrieta Borca – Romania

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