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Communications and information are an integral part of our everyday lives nowadays. News and information of all kinds flood us every minute and it has become almost a human right to have such access. Being connected is more than an opportunity to communicate, it is now an opportunity to learn, to receive otherwise unavailable services, and to have a competitive advantage. This makes the telecommunications sector one with a high indirect impact on the sustainability of society and the economy.
As a result, companies in the telecommunications sector have become the target of great expectations on the part of various stakeholder groups. For these companies, being transparent is now a must. Furthermore, it is essential for them to be able to understand and successfully manage their relationships with various stakeholders.
Being highly influential means that telecommunications companies also can be drivers of sustainability. By providing smart solutions to other sectors, they can be a partner in fulfilling a wide range of global sustainability goals. That is why telecommunications companies should be able to identify sustainability issues in other sectors quickly and subsequently offer potential solutions.

Our Services

Sometimes our clients need to support them directly in the consultations and creating the dialogue with their stakeholders. We offer the benefit of knowing how to best identify stakeholders, how to organize the process of stakeholder engagement, as well as how to appropriately manage expectations on each side of the dialogue.

A report is not only a piece of paper which is supposed to be ready on day X. It can also be used as a management tool which supports the development of a solid sustainability programme and related actions.
We love reports. We love creating the content, we love developing the right indicators and taking a close look at the different trends, and we love creating the stories. And we do not have to tell you that our reports comply with the different international standards (GRI, IIRC, SDG), do we?

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Sustainability management is merely good business management, taking into account additional aspects and risks from the context of the organization, most often related to the environment and society. Developing the ability to do so requires knowing the “sustainability framework” of your business, the topics related to it and their importance for the company and its stakeholders. This enables the creation of an action plan that is integrated in your overall business-processes.

A good community development policy stems from a qualitative analysis of the material topics for business and for its stakeholders. This is part of the overall sustainability management process. The key task of such a policy is to empower companies and communities to create shared value, thereby increasing overall social capital.

We offer the integration of management systems for quality, environment and energy, based on the international ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 50001. When integrating these we make sure they are’ practical and goal-oriented. We understand your business and we adjust to it when integrating such a system, instead of the usual practice of adapting the existing processes to the standard. The result is a good basis for integrated sustainable management and achieving results.

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Measuring performance with appropriate indicators is a must for every company’s sustainability programme. Tailored footprint models for specific environmental and economic contexts are the basis for developing a successful sustainability performance.

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Our Stories

  • Support in developing sustainability reports (all 6 reports of Telenor Bulgaria, 2 reports of VIVACOM)
  • Support in developing the first integrated report in Bulgaria (VIVACOM)
  • Support in creating and managing corporate environmental management processes, including environmental data management software (Telenor Bulgaria)
  • Development of the CO2-free “Green Grid” (A1 Telekom Austria)
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Our Clients

Telekom Austria
Telenor Bulgaria

VIVACOM (Bulgaria)

Telenor Hungary
Deutsche Telekom 


Evelin Milleret – Austria

Klimentina Rasheva – Bulgaria

Adina Nenicioiu – Romania

Robert Szücs-Winkler – Hungary

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