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High Tech & Electronics

The high-tech & electronics industry faces diverse challenges across its entire value chain. These challenges include the use of scarce resources, environmental degradation and social aspects in the supply chain.

  • There are considerable environmental and social impacts across the complex global supply chain of electronics products, from resource extraction to component manufacture.
  • Energy efficiency influences purchasing decisions and – with increasing connectivity – regulation limiting the parasitic consumption of products is being introduced.
  • Due to linear business models and missing links in the chain of custody, a lot of e-waste is still dumped or crudely recycled, leading to the release of toxins and the loss of precious critical materials.

Customer awareness, supply risks, missed opportunities and legislative developments make all these issues pressing for the industry. It therefore needs to actively work across the entire product life cycle to comply with regulation, take a leadership role, and develop innovative products and new business models.

What we offer

Through our diverse assignments we have built up expertise along the entire electronics value chain and can rely on local information and support around the globe through the Inogen Network. We have a strong business acumen and real-world approach to delivering workable solutions.

Our Services

Legal Compliance (Conflict Minerals Regulation, WEEE directive, …) Read more
Management Systems & Audits & Gap Analysis Read more
Training and workshops (e.g. PCF, Business model and product innovation through a change in perspective) For further Information please contact us.
Measuring performance with appropriate indicators is a must for every company’s sustainability programme. Tailored footprint models for specific environmental and economic contexts are the basis for developing a successful sustainability performance. Read more
This method is based on exploring the environmental impacts of a particular product or service. The assessment includes the inputs of materials and energy, the main products and by-products, as well as the outputs throughout the entire life-cycle – from production to landfill/recycling. The analysis is based on LCA best practices, in accordance with the international standards ISO 14040 and 14044. Read more
Environmental product declarations, labels and quality seals draw attention to the specific effects of a product on the environment. They are an aid to decision making for environmentally conscious consumers or construction clients, who will often be swayed by the better green credentials if given a choice between otherwise comparable products. Make a visible commitment to sustainability, and ensure that your communications are based on audited facts, and your products bear the right environmental quality marks. Read more
Check of environmental and social aspects, sourcing labels, …
A report is not only a piece of paper which is supposed to be ready on day X. It can also be used as a management tool which supports the development of a solid sustainability programme and related actions. We love reports. We love creating the content, we love developing the right indicators and taking a close look at the different trends, and we love creating the stories. And we do not have to tell you that our reports comply with the different international standards (GRI, IIRC, SDG), do we? Read more

Our Stories

  • Legal Compliance (BROTHER, EATON, CANON, BOSCH)
  • Management Systems / Audits / Gap Analysis (EATON, BOSCH, DAIKIN)
  • Sustainability Reporting (AT&S)
  • Training (DAIKIN)
  • Sustainability accounting in action (METRO AG)
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Our Clients

AT&S (Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft) BROTHER Central and Eastern Europe Eaton Industries (Austria)

Canon CEE Robert Bosch Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH BECO Group (Huawei)


Florian Krautzer – Austria

Adina Nenicioiu – Romania

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