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Coca-Cola HBC receives the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Anchoring sustainability in your corporate strategy not only provides benefits regarding environmental and social impacts it sometimes also implies international appreciation. On 08. September 2016, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices declared Coca-Cola HBC to be the global leading company in the beverage sector in terms of sustainability. This is the first time in history a company is three times on top of his specific sector.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) are stock indices, which take economic, environmental and social criteria into account. Therewith the DJSI distinguish themselves from conventional stock indices as well as from indices, which are entirely environmental-oriented. The DJSI were launched especially due to the increasing interest of investors regarding environmental and social aspects in investment decisions.

denkstatt is particularly pleased that Coca-Cola HBC received this special award as we’ve been supporting the company for more than 15 years. For Coca-Cola HBC this award brings more than pure recognition: it is the confirmation that sustainability has to be a continuing part of the company now and in the future.

We sincerely congratulate Coca-Cola HBC for receiving the DSJI award.

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