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There´s so much happening in- and outside our offices: we start new projects, we reach new goals, we develop new solutions, we publish new white papers, we host some interesting events or offer some training sessions… Whatever it is, you´ll find it here in our news section and if not, it might not be interesting enough or it´s simply top secret and we´re sorry, but if we would tell you, we would have to….

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This is denkstatt Group: Our people and our story

International - News - Uncategorized - 24.august 2022 -

Everything started in 1993, when a couple of friends founded denkstatt in a Café in Vienna, Austria. This has been almost 30 years ago. Today, in 2022, we are a group of nine offices located in six countries across Europe. All members of the denkstatt Group have one mission in common: We drive the change to a sustainable society. The denkstatt Group in years Within the past decades, more and more ... Continue Reading →

How to halter biodiversity – global strategies, targets and initiatives

International - News - 19.august 2022 -

The topic of biodiversity loss is no longer addressed only by biologists and environmentalists but has now also reached the business world, the general public, and the highest echelons of government. As global biodiversity loss is continuing at breakneck pace, there is already increasing talk of a 6th mass extinction. This loss of biodiversity has significant potential consequences for people. Int... Continue Reading →

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) explained- Goals, meanings and definitions

International - News - 18.may 2022 -

by denxpert   “…79% of investment managers believed that ESG factors should be integrated into the investment process.” – Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute survey, 2021. In the world of business, it’s easy to get confused by abbreviations, but the acronym ESG is becoming more and more common. There’s hardly a conference where it’s not mentioned, but the definition of it is not alwa... Continue Reading →

Fracking: Is it worth it?

News - Austria - 16.may 2022 -

Since the start of Russian military advances in Ukraine in February of 2022, governments globally have issued sanctions to demonstrate support for Ukrainian territorial integrity and disrupt financial flows that enable war activity in Ukraine. In 2021 the extra-EU monthly spend on energy product imports averaged €25.8 billion with Russia as the largest supplier by trade value for natural gas (39.2... Continue Reading →