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There´s so much happening in- and outside our offices: we start new projects, we reach new goals, we develop new solutions, we publish new white papers, we host some interesting events or offer some training sessions… Whatever it is, you´ll find it here in our news section and if not, it might not be interesting enough or it´s simply top secret and we´re sorry, but if we would tell you, we would have to….

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Digitalisation is more than just technology – how to apply digitalised processes in the EHS sector

Austria - Bulgaria - Country - Hungary - International - News - Romania - Slovakia - Webinars - 18.june 2020 -

Due to restrictions related with COVID 19, digitalisation in the Environmental, Health and Safety sector has gained even more importance. In our webinar, our IT and EHS experts are going to highlight in which fields digitalisation is most useful, how digitalised processes can be created more effective and how your business can benefit from it. You will learn about possible challenges as well as re... Continue Reading →

Tackling the food waste challenge with science

Austria - International - News - 28.may 2020 -

An article by Elisabeth Skoda, published on In a period of time where panic buying, stockpiling, and heightened consumer anxiety over hygiene and product protection is paramount, the issue of how to reduce food waste is more pressing than ever. Innovative food packaging offers product protection and improves food quality and shelf life. But does this actually result in a tangib... Continue Reading →

Navigating the changes & novelties in CDP Climate Change reporting 2020 – a denkstatt group webinar

Austria - Bulgaria - Hungary - International - News - Romania - Slovakia - Webinars - 11.may 2020 -

The global economy keeps an eye on CDP, the gold standard of environmental reporting to focus investors, companies and cities on taking urgent action to build a truly sustainable economy by measuring and understanding their environmental performance. In order to measure these performances accurately, the CDP scoring methodology and reporting criteria are updated and renewed every year.What does... Continue Reading →

Climate risk assessment using TCFD framework – a denkstatt group webinar

Austria - Bulgaria - Hungary - International - News - Romania - Slovakia - Webinars - 28.april 2020 -

  We are taking our knowledge online and would like to invite you to join our webinar where we will offer practical guidance on implementing the TCFD framework which can help you to tackle climate related risk within your organization. “This is a moment when the wheat will be separated from the chaff”, says John Goldstein, head of the sustainable finance group at Goldman Sachs. While greenh... Continue Reading →