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There´s so much happening in- and outside our offices: we start new projects, we reach new goals, we develop new solutions, we publish new white papers, we host some interesting events or offer some training sessions… Whatever it is, you´ll find it here in our news section and if not, it might not be interesting enough or it´s simply top secret and we´re sorry, but if we would tell you, we would have to….

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Arktischer Permafrostboden taut deutlich schneller als befürchtet

Austria - News - 10.july 2019 -

Anfang Juli zeigte das Thermometer am Flughafen von Anchorage 32,2°C an – 2,8° mehr als der bisherige Rekord. CO2-Fußabdruck des US-Militärs riesig Die komplexe Logistik, Kriegsführung und die damit verbundene riesige Infrastruktur – mit treibstoffintensiver Fortbewegung in der Luft, auf dem Boden und auf dem Wasser – führen zu einem enormen CO2-Fußabdruck des US-Militärs. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel ... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Summit in Bratislava

News - Slovakia - 03.april 2019 -

Slovakia: denkstatt on the first ever Sustainability Summit in Bratislava Under the guidance of Be SmartHead, Bratislava hosted the first Sustainability Summit to have ever taken place in Slovakia on June 20th. The local and regional sustainability leaders addressed a crowd of 200 participants and shared ideas and experience on building a sustainable future with SDGs and companies as drivers of ne... Continue Reading →

denkstatt is member of the Natural Capital Coalitions Advisory Board

Bulgaria - Events - International - News - 28.january 2019 -

On the 28th of November, denkstatt attended the Natural Capital Coalition (NCC) "Collaboration Day" – the annual event of the NCC bringing together its members and assessing state of play. denkstatt is a member of the Natural Capital Coalition's Advisory Board and has contributed to the development of the Natural Capital Protocol (the de-facto standard for corporate natural capital assessments). I... Continue Reading →