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We are advisors on natural, social, human and financial capital. We create sustainable value by…

… optimising environmental and social Impact
… reducing costs
… organising compliance
… improving your market Position
… managing key Business risks
… strengthening your Reputation

Since 1993 our customers appreciated our holistic approach, innovative solutions, creativity and dedication. Through our global network Inogen and our team of 100 experts we offer customised solutions for almost every sustainability challenge and are valued by our clients as a powerhouse of content..

We connect entrepreneurial mind-set with environmental and social expertise. Let us accompany you on your sustainability journey and unlock your sustainable value.

We drive the change to a sustainable society.

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Esteem = how we behave.
Joy = the key to our energy.
Learning = is our driver.
Excellence = what we deliver.
Innovation = our goal.
Financial Health = what we need.
Holistic Approach = denkstatt.

Why us? Because..

… sustainability is not only a buzzword.
… it is necessary to have a deep understanding of multiple perspectives.
… in times of disclosure, content and transparency are curcial for credibility.
… your decisions should be based on proven information.
… it generates credibility to put number behind your social and ecological Impact.
… different Stakeholder perspectives are becoming increasingly important for achieving future success.
… efficiency saves money.
… we are fun to work with.

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denkstatt at a glance

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Founded 1993 in Vienna
100 Experts
5 Countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia)
7 Offices
1 International Network (Inogen)
100% commitment
Over 65% of our Projects come from excisting clients

Our team

Some say we´re a Group of highly qualified multisdiciplinary People who are dedicated to excellence.

That is true. But to be honest, we would rather call oursleves a bunch of crazy people who believe that as a company you can increase your competitive advantage by taking responsibility for your Business. Furthermore, we know that together with our Clients we´re able to make a difference.

But please go ahead and convince yourself….

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Bulgaria
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Hungary
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Effective networks are all about expanding opportunities and creating fruitful partnerships

As we advise our clients on how to receive various certificates we also believe that it´s our duty to certify our offices as well. That´s why denkstatt group has sites with quality and environmental management certificates in Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria such as ISO 14001  and ISO 9001.

The Global Connections to Achieve Superior Local Results

Inogen is a global corporation providing multinational organisations with consistently high quality and cost effective environmental, health and safety solutions. With offices located on every continent, more than 4,000 staff worldwide, and projects completed in more than 120 countries, Inogen provides a geographical reach unparalleled in the industry. Global Thinking. Local Delivery.­

­denkstatt & enertec

Demands on supply and safety change even faster by the growing complexity of modern society, economy and jurisdiction. Efficient and sustainable energy-supply, -use and -distribution can only be practicable, if all the different requirements and future strategic necessities are incorporated. This is denkstatt & enertec GmbH’s competence:
We seek to position you and your company ready to take on future challenges and ambiguities – and therefore present solutions in accordance to your everyday working process.
Our services include site energy supply concepts, energy-audits (acc. to EU and federal lwas), analysis and evaluation of efficiency measures and optimisations. We offer state-of-the-art refrigeration engineering, Carbon Footprint assessment, “Green Building” conformity, monitoring and implementation of management systems (e.g. ISO 50001).


ENERTEC is an engineering consultancy with a focus on thermal power engineering, refrigeration technology, HVACR and energy media supply. It was founded in Graz in 1991. For its clients in the fields of industry, commerce and services ENERTEC always aims to find cost-effective solutions and to support their implementation.

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denkstatt Group has office sites in 5 countries:
Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

Get in touch to make a difference.


denkstatt GmbH
Hietzinger Hauptstraße 28
1130 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: +43 1 786 89 00


denkstatt & enertec GmbH
Hietzinger Hauptstraße 11
1130 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: +43 1 890 28 25


denkstatt Bulgaria OOD
115 Arsenalski blvd., fl. 5,
1421, Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone: +359 2 470 7508


denkstatt Hungary Kft.
Seregély utca 6
1037 Budapest, Hungary
Telephone: + 36 1 239 1206


denkstatt Slovensko s.r.o.
BC Kerametal, Jašĺkova 2
821 03 Bratislava, Slovakia
Telephone: +421 2 482 91 46


denkstatt Romania S.R.L.
Str. Madrid Nr. 22
300391 Timisoara, Romania
Telephone: +40 256 43 43 97


denkstatt Romania S.R.L.
Str. Parintele Galeriu 6C,
020762 Bucuresti, Romania
Telphone: +40 256 43 43 97