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Regenerative Agriculture – meanings, approaches, benefits and pitfalls 

Wed, November 23, 2022 10-11am CET

Agriculture is one of the very few sectors which has a high impact on natural resources while being totally dependent on them. In this ambivalence lies the potential to mitigate and even reverse the effects of climate change, deterioration of soils and water bodies, and loss of biodiversity.  

It is the common agreement that changes are needed in the way of farming. Within the heated discussions around what system(s) will be able to sustain us in a world with increasing multiple crises, Regenerative Agriculture is an often-heard buzzword. Is it better than organic farming, and possibly the solution to all the problems we face in agricultural production? 

Our webinar will give a critical overview of definitions and approaches of Regenerative Agriculture practices, as well as possible benefits for buyers, producers, and the environment. We will also discuss important do’s and don’ts when approaching the topic within your supply chains and stakeholder communication.  

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What you can expect:

  • History, definitions and scope(s) of Regenerative Agriculture 
  • Commonly agreed practices & benefits 
  • Important do’s and don’ts in implementation  

About the Speaker – Inka Sachse:

Inka Sachse is Agronomist with a 24-year record in sustainable farming, agricultural projects and markets. With joining Soil & More Impacts, part of denkstatt group, in 2014 she became a soil health and compost addict and gained vast experience in working with farmers, farm trainers/consultants and companies in international supply chains. Her focus is on developing soil fertility solutions in complex farming systemsaugmenting independency on external inputs and productivity, while making them more resilient against the effects of biodiversity loss and climate change. When she is not working with farmers in Europe and abroad, she is leading the agricultural consulting services from Hamburg, Germany. 

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