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How to measure sustainability – Quantitative methods and the concept of Circular Economy

Thu, September 22, 2022 10-11am CET

Sustainability assessment and Circular Economy are becoming more and more important for companies – not only due to political and regulatory reasons but also since customers demand transparency and clarity. No less important, many companies simply want to take over responsibility for their actions and need to identify where and how to start.

The wide range of opportunities to demonstrate and communicate engagement for a sustainable future can make it challenging to pick the best fit for your company.

This webinar will give an overview of popular methods to assess sustainability, when to apply them and how to prevent green washing. It will also give an outlook to Circular Economy.

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What you can expect:

An overview of quantitative sustainability assessment methods including

  • Corporate Carbon Footprint
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Product Carbon Footprint
  • Environmental Product Declaration

and an introduction to Circular Economy, how to develop strategies and implement circular processes.

About the Speakers:

Iris Kral is currently manager and international service lead at the Austrian branch of denkstatt group and an expert in LCA and CE. Iris has worked in different institutions over the last years, mostly in research due to her scientific focus. Her background includes a bachelor in “Environmental and Bioresources Management”, a master’s degree in the same field and a PhD in “Agricultural Engineering “, with a focus on LCA and bioenergy systems. She collaborates with international experts on a regular basis, publishes in scientific journals and has won several prizes for her achievements as an LCA expert.

Stefan Pichler is a senior consultant with specialization in Circular Economy projects and holds a master’s degree in Environmental System Sciences (University of Graz). Thanks to several trainings, projects and certificates he has in-depth knowledge regarding different aspects of circularity and innovation. Over the years he has worked on projects for numerous well-known companies in sectors and areas such as the retail sector, EPR schemes, the FMCG industry and the chemical industry. Stefan is responsible for the Circular Economy service development in denkstatt Austria.

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