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2018-02-09T20:36:22+01:0001.February 2018|


New denkstatt office in Romania.

denkstatt Romania, specialized in leading services in the field of sustainability consulting, has managed this year to implement an important measure in achieving its development goal.
Thus, denkstatt Romania has extended its scope by opening a new office in Bucharest.
The new office benefits from a previously well-established strategic plan and has as its main objectives the development of the business and the spreading of denkstatt values, which are essential values contributing towards a friendly and sustainable future. The main target groups are large companies which carry out production activities and thus have a material impact on the environment, but also public authorities who want to make an essential contribution to the sustainable and strategic development of their communities.
denkstatt, through its actions, succeeds in passing on the values of a clean environment and responsible communities that can make a definitive contribution to creating a sustainable future

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